Ownership is Everything
If you don’t own it, you don’t control it. We have spent many years focused on bringing ownership and control to elite businesses paying over $150,000 in annual casualty insurance premiums. Our mission is to identify and educate a growing community of like-minded businesses seeking greater control of their insurance destiny. We call this alternative to the conventional insurance market The Captive Advantage. Benefits include simplification, stability, transparency and lower costs.
Reduce Costs, Gain Control, Capture Profit
The conventional insurance market is not structured for your benefit, basing premiums mostly on factors out of your control including mark-ups for marketing expenses, high commissions, administration and overhead. Elite businesses outperforming the conventional market inevitably subsidize the losses of others and contribute to the insurance carriers’ bottom line. Market cycles, catchy Super Bowl commercials and shareholders’ interests do not align with your basic need to stabilize costs and pay legitimate claims. The Captive Advantage is a cost-conscious, business rational approach to reducing upfront costs and capturing profit.
Are You Eligible?
  • Management teams committed to safety and loss prevention
  • A superior loss history in your respective industry
  • Minimum annual casualty premiums of $150,000
  • A company culture of success and best in class status

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