An Aligned Partner
Our approach is all about you. We take time to understand your business and educate you on all of your insurance options. We have spent many years partnering with businesses to manage risk, control losses and reduce long term insurance costs. Our goal is to be our clients’ competitive advantage through a unique combination of proactive risk management, safety resources, industry knowledge and carrier access.
Good to Great
Our goal is to help you be the best you can be. Not all businesses have the bandwidth to hire a full time safety manager. As part of our commitment to be your full service risk management partner, our team works with you to improve your safety program, reduce claims frequency, and control losses. Our partnership is all about helping your employees come home safely at the end of each work day.
Proactive and Meticulous
Our role is more than providing you an insurance policy. Once you become a client we focus on helping you improve your business by conducting an annual risk assessment. We review OSHA and DOT compliance, industry specific risks and regulations, safety manuals, and cost containment policies. From this assessment, we provide you The Advantage Scorecard, providing you a simple yet detailed report of what you are doing right and areas that need improvement.