The Captive Advantage
A group captive is a risk management strategy that provides businesses with a more efficient way to purchase insurance coverage. Group captive members band together with the safest and most financially stable businesses to reduce costs, gain control and capture profit. Size, financial stability, and a culture of safety are just a few prerequisites to qualify. For those who do not qualify, we can provide conventional insurance options and work with you to control losses and improve your safety culture.
What's the Catch?
Our philosophy is based on treating you the way we would want to be treated with transparency, candor and aligned interests. We acknowledge fervently that not all captives are created equal. Our process begins with educating you on the good, the bad and the ugly so that you can fully understand the risks and benefits of captive ownership. Most businesses have never been presented the captive option. Many insurance brokers do not promote captives due to a misunderstanding of the structure or a lack of access to viable and successful captive facilities. Additionally, brokers are rewarded when you pay higher insurance premiums because the conventional market compensates them as a percentage of your premiums. This dynamic can impact broker motives for presenting the lower cost group captive model.

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