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Nick Cunnington
Vice President
Nick Cunnington
Nick Cunnington
Nick Cunnington
Nick Cunnington
Nick Cunnington
Nick Cunnington
Nick Cunnington
Nick Cunnington

What are 3 words people use to describe you?
My youngest son, Luca, says "My dad is nice because he protects me when we go to the lake. My dad is cool and helpful". There you go: protective, cool and helpful.

What do you enjoy most about insurance?
The industry is ripe for creative disruption. It is an exciting time to bring fresh perspective to an otherwise sleepy and stagnant industry. I love the challenge of refining the client experience with candor and compelling value.

What are you most grateful for?
My loving family and loyal friendships.

What gets you excited about life?
Quality time with my most favorite people.

How do you define success?
As a husband: Taking out the trash without being asked. 
As a dad: Putting away electronic distractions to be fully present.

What do you love to do outside of work?
I love being involved in my family's hobbies. Cheering at gymnastics meets, coaching youth football, waiting at the finish line of a race, strapping up helmets at the skate park. Whatever it is, I love supporting my wife and kids as they develop their talents and seek out new adventures.

What life lesson did you learn the hard way?
I've learned two very painful lessons. First, I learned that 14,505 ft is not a joke. Stay hydrated and properly acclimate if you are going to climb Mt. Whitney! Second, I learned that if you are going to run a marathon you should spend some time training. I can still feel every painful step of the 2015 Orange County Marathon. What an experience!


Nick Cunnington serves as Vice President with ISU Cunnington & Associates. As Vice President, Nick focuses on helping businesses that are seeking greater stability and control over their insurance and risk management programs. Nick works directly with business owners and executives for commercial insurance analysis, placement and service. Nick’s focus includes teaming with ISU agency peers to seek out companies that have historically outperformed the inefficiencies of the conventional insurance market.

Nick’s career in insurance began in 2006 at Cunnington-Leavitt, Inc. in Boise, Idaho as a Commercial Insurance Producer. As a commercial producer, his approach emphasized identifying best-in-class companies and educating them on the captive advantage. Nick has considerable experience working with companies in the agriculture, contracting, healthcare, heavy construction, manufacturing, oil & gas, real estate, transportation and service industry segments.

Nick and his wife reside in Boise, Idaho with their three young children and goldendoodle, Cannoli. Nick is actively involved in his local community and enjoys sponsoring and coaching youth football and little league. In his spare time, Nick enjoys travel, practicing yoga, playing guitar and improving his golf game.

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