About ISU Cunnington

ISU Cunnington & Associates, a privately held independent insurance agency, has been providing insurance and risk management solutions to elite businesses for three generations. Our goal is to be our clients’ competitive advantage through a unique combination of risk management, safety resources, compliance guidance, and carrier access. Our partnership approach focuses on improving the productivity, profitability and safety culture of the companies we serve in the agriculture, construction, healthcare, manufacturing, real estate, technology and transportation industries. With an emphasis on group captive facilities, our strategic insurance solutions deliver substantial value, greater control, and reduced costs to businesses that are consistently outperforming, and thus subsidizing, the conventional insurance market. 

In 2011 we affiliated with the ISU Group. The principles of independence, strength and unity coupled with the win-win-win mentality of the entire group is what attracted us to this exceptional community of like-minded insurance professionals spread over 190 offices coast to coast.

We are passionate about what we do and the difference we make in our clients' lives. From experience, we understand that shifting the mindset from insurance buyer to insurance owner takes time and thoughtful analysis. In 2005, in response to clients seeking greater control, transparency, and stability, we began focusing and refining the process that eventually became known as The Captive Advantage. The Captive Advantage is an educational process designed to help business owners understand all of their options and easily evaluate the merits of the captive alternative.